Double-jointed, Too.


Maybe Sarah sent this to me because she knows I’m ambidextrous.  I don’t know how she knows.  It’s not like I amaze crowds by composing essays while juggling a quill fist to fist without mucking up the rythm or flow of consciousness.  It’s not like I flip my guitar around and over my head, spinning to catch it for a rollicking finale of “On Top of Old Smokey.”  I don’t do those things.  However, I sometimes do paint with a brush in each hand.  But I don’t broadcast that information.  Just fodder for critics.  No one watches me paint.  Sarah hasn’t.  Yet, she’s awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award.  She knows something.   She’s just that sort.  The kind of person who just knows stuff.  Pretty evident on her blog,  Full-Time Writer Mom.  So, okay.  I’m outed.  I’m glad it’s finally public. Video in the works.

I think I’m supposed to pass the award along.  No curses are involved if I don’t, so why not?