Out of the Blue

Might be a little sloppy, but I can be that way. Looks like I almost forgot my own words, too. What the hell, sometimes I just make them up as I go along anyway. And I didn’t know April Bacon was sitting in the audience, recording it with her cellphone. Likely, it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Still, and though I wrote it a while ago, it’s a good song.

17 Replies to “Out of the Blue”

    1. That's right, Pam. The gallery. Wasn't so long ago. Or was it? Sometimes I think we pass through time like a needle, and I just pull the thread tight as I go, without thinking.

  1. I've been thinking about time…a lot, lately. It is 10 years since I sat in a creative writing class at UNF dreading the thought of what was about to begin for me. I remember you walking through the door. I can see what you were wearing. Blue jeans, denim jacket, white shirt, leather boots, brown fedora hat. I remember vocalizing fear about creative writing. Demons. An exorcising of 12th grade demons along with a few age-inspired imps followed. "Take up thy pencil and write something funny."
    I'm still working on it. 🙂

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