Then and Now

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Some stuff I did then, and stuff I do now.

How Jacksonville’s Buddling Literary Scene May Have Started on UNF Soil

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How Jacksonville’s budding literary scene may have started on UNF soil

“The Biggest Loser” by Cyrano Moon

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Cyrano is as close to me as my own skin.


Illustration by Seth Pala

Illustration by Seth Pala

The Biggest Loser


In Whatever Work A Man Is (FOLIO WEEKLY)

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Ari_Folio WeeklyIn Whatever World A Man Is, by Tim Gilmore


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It broke above the surface of the water and floated there. There was no extension of hip. No gluteal clench. No lift of long white legs and curled feet that might then plunge into the spine’s arch, pushing a perfect head above the chop. No hands to rub salt from eyes. No eyes. No hair to whip a spray. Nothing but a woman’s bottom bobbing on the water.

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